ME2000 Embossing Machine

ME2000 Dog Tag Embossing MachineME2000 - the most durable Metal Plate Embossing solution built for today’s tough working environments.

The ME2000 Metal Plate Embossing Machine is the top of the line automatic feed metal embossing machine. This is the next generation of metal plate embossers. 

Automatic loading and unloading. And if you use different size plates, it is easy to adjust.

Latest generation electronics with FLASH memory technology (accessible via external service port.)

Plug in the keyboard and you can run off-line without the need for a PC and monitor. Fast accurate data entry with 2-line by 40 character LCD display. Store up to 10 downloaded formats. Or hook up to your PC and use the SWORD proprietary software which is included.

Will emboss a variety of plates other than dog tags. Stainless steel tags, carbon steel tags, aluminum tags as well as copper and brass tags. Anything from 0.016” to 0.035” thick. From 1.5” to 4.5” wide; from 0.826” to 3.5” thick. As you can see, the ME2000 will do the job whether it is military ID tags. medical warning tags or automotive body tags and VIN plates.